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Our work sits at the intersection of branding, business strategy and service design. Over the past four years, we have not worked on campaigns but on highly innovative products and new services for a social and networked world.





A BAFTA award-winning film production company is creating a cutting-edge fantasy TV series for a major US cable network and, potentially, a film.


They need a comprehensive transmedia strategy reflective of, and responsive to, the mythology-rich world depicted in the TV series. And very flexible to allow all fans— from casual to geek—to engage with that world.


We use deep ethnographic research on the target audiences to identify the most attractive online communities and content that attracts them. Brainstorming with the film production team, we embark on a user journey sketching and wireframing potential user flows.

Our product, the strategy, focuses on how content links to, and flows from, one platform to the other, connecting to each other online and offline to foster intrigue pre-launch, immersion during the program broadcast period, and loyalty long after the broadcast. We will create a highly intense, participatory and immersive online “universe” that benefits from active co-creation and co-promotion by fans.