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11&more is an international cultural collective of twenty and thirty something artists and professionals. We host an online publication read by thousands, a discussion group and informal in-person gatherings. Our goal is to create a nurturing space for conversation and collaboration, where we can experiment with perspectives and ideas, with each other's support.

11&more's brief (a cultural collective we co-founded) was simple: 'do something spectacular with social that explores female sensuality.  Later we launched one of the truly native digital experience Artifacts of Pleasure  a crowd-sourced compilation of women's thoughts on eroticism and desire: everything from the mundane to the romantic; niche content and an opportunity for women to define and reclaim their sexuality in all its diversity. By any and all metrics it was exceptionally successful: engaging a new generation of females from across the world and starting a conversation across cultures and submissions from every corner of the planet. 

Here is an 11&more overview article on the topic.


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