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Glitter - Stop Motion Film

Her Lights - Interactive Poem


Hacked Antique Typewriter operated by micro-controller “arduino”, interfaced to by the logic engine called javascript feed from the communal cognitive network. (Email sent from you to gmail account, parsed by RSS reader, converted into ASCII then physically reincarnated through solenoids into words on paper)

….whenever successful communication is manifested.

Sited specific location

To materialize words, messages, communication through a localized time-based experience that vanishes the screen.

Other Ideas
Reactive programming –> the typewriter will react to the emails being sent. Maybe it comments if it does not receive any emails that day etc.

Materials used: miniature push-solenoids , antique typewriter, wires,

Programming language used: PHP, HTML/javascript, serial embedding, arduino ,


The idea behind EXEgist is to provide an interface that encourages long-form, in-depth, position-specific text annotation, inspired by exegetic paradigms like the Talmud and old-school approaches to footnotes, but with the dynamic filtering and view controls afforded by the web browser.

All comments are attached to specific sentences, including both sentences in the main body text and sentences within other comments. Clicking a sentence reveals or hides the attached comments. Blue asterisks indicate sentences with attached comments.

Virtual Boyfriends

We created an online Facebook Role Play Game where we created fictional Facebook profiles for our favourite literary characters. We felt that these fictional boyfriends from Austen or Tolkien’s imagination combined with a social networking forum would give us the perfect boyfriends. Unfortunately or fortunately we also wanted each other’s fictional boyfriends.  Hence creating a kind of tag competition on who could win over others.

What we loved is the interaction between the fictional characters in a world that was not an imaginary land of castles and orcs, but the sterile white and blue of Facebook.

Audio Story in Three Bids

The largest piece in the Christie’s sale also became its biggest hit: Henri Matisse’s 6-foot-tall bronze woman with a long ponytail from 1930, “Back IV,” sold to New York dealer Larry Gagosian for $43 million. The work set a new record the artist at auction and exceeded its $18 million high estimate. Mr. Gagosian won the work following a 10-minute, three-way bidding war between fellow dealer Bob Mnuchin and a telephone bidder.

HTML Books: A Transmedia Art Project